Recently the South African band and Youtube sensation, Die Antwoord (“The Answer” in Afrikaans) played to a packed audience 7th July at Lucerna Music bar. The self proclaimed “Zef” masters put on a late yet energetic live show playing material from their debut album “$o$”.

Zef, a slang term from their home region describes a style unique to South Africa which is both modern and trashy at the same time, glorifying past trends while creating something new in the process. The three piece consists of: Ninja, the lanky tattooed leader of the group, the pint sized mother of his baby: Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJHi-Tek whos’ ownership of a PC cemented his spot behind the decks. The show was short, fast and loud, offering various styles with a tongue in cheek attitude that had the crowd loving it.

A typically tight set by DJ Tviks rounded off the night with many staying on well past their Thursday night bed time to enjoy what was honestly a seminal event.