Waiting to exhale

Terry McMillan

First published in 1992 in the USA

Terry McMillan is African-American woman famous in the USA and Waiting to Exhale is her fourth book. It’s said that the book aims to black folks. In some issues a white “folk” will not feel familiar; but Terry’s women are cynical, ever-hopeful and relentlessly funny. And this has nothing with the color. Bringing up a child being single mother, managing life in a marriage and getting divorced realizing the man you married is a stranger, dealing with the job, moving, “mamas”, men … A lot of issues to be revealed.

“I mean, I have my days and I have my nights, but I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ll take whatever I can get. There’s a big difference between being thirsty and being dehydrated.”

Terry says that everything what she writes is about empowerment, and it does breathe off the page. Terry’s women believe future is bright. So it shall. What counts is now. What do you already have? Some woman has great child, some great job, and this matters. It is possible to be living of that. And, of course, remember your background, your family, your friends. They are who can really empower you.

Waiting to Exhale is a book worth reading. Every woman can read the story of Savannah, Bernardine, Robin and Gloria with liking.