The 20–22nd of August saw the Trafačka and Chemistry galleries (Trafačka – Kurta Konráda 1, Praha 9 and The Chemistry Gallery – U Kanálky 4, Praha 3) play host to the Invaze Festival.

Brainchild of Darina Alister, the festival brought together artists, musicians and curators alike for three days of concerts, workshops, performances and exhibitions.

The First night saw a duel event, with American artist “Chase” exhibiting his latest works at Chemistry. A large crowd turned up and despite a couple of visits from the local constabulary, the event went off without a hitch. Meanwhile over at Trafacka, Michal Škapa aka “Tron” gave a talk on the history of Czech graffiti and DJ Steevie Weenie spun tunes all night long. Both events lasted well into the morning, a promising start to a great weekend.

The next day things began slowly but the bright sun soon burned off the morning haze. Another packed line up was scheduled with live spray painting demonstrations by some of Prague’s finest coinciding with the “Invasive Identity” exhibition, which included finalists of the recent AMU class. This exhibition really showed off the diversity of contemporary art with paintings, objects, video art, performance art and interactive audiovisual installations combining, in the area of two large warehouse spaces, to address the theme of invasion.

For its inaugural year Invasion fest came off with flying colors. I don’t know if there will be another one next year, or even if the building itself will still be standing, but I hope it will. I look forward to its’ future.